Yeul Ramyeon/열 라면

Treat your mouth to a 2nd degree burn!

A lot of people are fans of Shin/신 ramyeon*, but I think it tastes like garbage and that the people who like it are also garbage. Yeul ramyeon is the king of spicy ramyeons and it costs like 80 cents at the convenience store (in Korea). It’s even cheaper at the grocery store. It’s spicier than Shin and Jin ramyeon without being as spicy as the Buldalk Bokkeum Myeon (불닭볶음면), which is so spicy that it is no longer enjoyable. I prefer the cup version so I can more easily adjust the spiciness and cook of the noodles (when I make it in a pot, it’s always soggy). My life partner will not approve, but I think this is my lunch today.

*I should note that for some reason, Korea has decided that its version of ramen is soooooo different from Japan’s that they need to spell and pronounce it differently.


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