Bisquick Complete Biscuits

Let me sing thy praises, oh instant biscuits! One Southern food I miss more than most is buttermilk biscuits. My pagan friends (people not from America) think a biscuit is a cookie, because they are mentally challenged. After I say, “Shut your mouth, you ignorant slut!” they say, “Oh, it’s like a scone.” Yeah, sort of, but like, not at all. I guess your fancy, affordable university didn’t teach you that much, commie. A scone is a dense, dry, crumbly, sweet thing. Biscuits are light, fluffy, moist, buttery clouds that transport you to another level of existence. Rarely do I want to go through the effort of making them from scratch and they don’t sell the ones in the can here, so this is as close as it gets. They’re surprisingly good and take like 15 minutes, from package to tummy.

Change your life


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