Felipe Rodrigues

I want this guy. I don’t want him per say. Just to make it clear I don’t want him want him. However, it’s high time I start considering my life choices and I am doing just that. The plan is that by the time I am 30, I would get my full-sleeve tattoo. And when the time comes, I want this guy to grace me with his magic. His art is a mixture of colours and rough lines and he has done a lot of geeky tattoos that I absolutely adore. Catch up with him on Facebook or Instagram



A cardboard pinhole camera is exactly what I need. I mean who doesn’t need it? Also it come with a neat app and the pictures turn out quite nice… It’s time to revive the long-forgotten hipster vibe, what can be more hip than retro-tech?

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Hugo Tattooer (Seoul)

hugotattooer’s instagram

Hugo Tattooer on Facebook

Hugotattooer has some of the prettiest tattoos in Korea. In the land of “micro” tattoos, he’s promoting a chunky, woodcut aesthetic. Micro tattoos are okay, but I’ll scream if I see another 1 inch bouquet of delicate, pink flowers on instagram.