Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 –

Remember the smart house that would turn on the A/C before you get home, the bed that tracked your sleep pattern and the sensors which adjust your house CO2 level? This won’t do any of that, but you can make the tiny LED blink when you get an email, or when the toilet is empty, or when the room is too hot, which is very impressive. Adafruit has a wide range of tips and tricks and tutorials, like this totally unrelated cat cosplayers photoshoot. So, make sure to check them out. Smartphone is so 2013, board the cool train to the future or get killed by Micrsoft’s latest bot, it’s very racist.

Help me to help you help me.


Raspberry Pi Gameboys

My fancy lady just purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 and is looking for fun projects. There are so many awesome Gameboy emulators that people have made. I’m a purist, so I’d want a Gameboy-shaped emulator to just play Gameboy games, but TechRadar has an awesome article about making a multi-platform emulator. There’s the Super Pi Boy, the Raspberry Pi2 Gameboy, the Super Game Pi, the RaspiBoy, and so many others. What are you waiting for, baby? Make us some cute Gameboys!


I used memrise to get pretty darn good at Korean. I mean, I’m not fluent or anything, but I can do like 80% of things without begging a Korean person to help me. I’m using it for Japanese right now…for reasons. Basically, it uses spaced repetition and a gamification system to give you points (which are completely meaningless unless you compete with your friends). You’ve got to do grammar on your own, but as far as I can tell, this is the best way to learn vocab that I’ve come across. You can pay for the premium membership if you want, but otherwise, it’s free and you can just sign up with facebook. Many content. Very recommend.

Learn a language, you lazy git!