Alex Bottle

I love mugs, bottle and the likes, for I am an octopus. I have so many of them but I need this one to complete my collection. Alex bottle is the kind of bottle you can actually clean, no more mouldy water!!! It’s a bit big but it glows in the dark!


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Anova Sous Vide

I’ve always wanted to have a sous vide machine because it allows you to cook food to safe temperatures (while marinating) easily without losing moisture, but they’re ridiculously expensive. This thing takes up way less room than a conventional sous vide machine. You can use any pot you have lying around and you can control it from your phone. You can just put your meat in the thing, go out all day, start cooking while you’re out, and come home to a perfect steak in minutes. You need a vacuum sealer, of course, but after throwing it in a pan for a minute, you’re going to get the most perfect fish/steak/pork imaginable.

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Bisquick Complete Biscuits

Let me sing thy praises, oh instant biscuits! One Southern food I miss more than most is buttermilk biscuits. My pagan friends (people not from America) think a biscuit is a cookie, because they are mentally challenged. After I say, “Shut your mouth, you ignorant slut!” they say, “Oh, it’s like a scone.” Yeah, sort of, but like, not at all. I guess your fancy, affordable university didn’t teach you that much, commie. A scone is a dense, dry, crumbly, sweet thing. Biscuits are light, fluffy, moist, buttery clouds that transport you to another level of existence. Rarely do I want to go through the effort of making them from scratch and they don’t sell the ones in the can here, so this is as close as it gets. They’re surprisingly good and take like 15 minutes, from package to tummy.

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AeroGarden Ultra LED

There are a few different models available, but this is one of the bigger ones. You can grow various herbs and vegetables year round. This model lets you grow 7 types of plants at the same time. The downside is that you have to buy the pre-packaged seed pods from Miracle-Gro. The upside is that it’s relatively cheap and the average lifespan of the plants is about 4 months (9 months for tomatoes and peppers). Like I said, there are models ranging from 50$ to hundreds of dollars. See this image to view the full range.

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McDonald’s ShakaShaka Plum French-fries

Here come Spring and Japan’s glorious Sakura ( Cherry Blossom) obsession. Plum-salted french fries is both a delight and a guilty pleasure that I have to get every year during this season. Why plum salt? Probably because cherry salt won’t offer much of a flavour and let’s be honest most of us can’t tell a plum flower apart from a cherry’s (or is it just me?) Definitely on top of my Sakura List. You can never be a true weaboo unless you have mastered the art of Sakura appreciating. Matcha is for noobs.

Help your-self, McDonald’s all over Japan serves this, and Sakura Cherry McFizz.  If you order the Spring set, you can get it for 60 yen.



Yeul Ramyeon/열 라면

Treat your mouth to a 2nd degree burn!

A lot of people are fans of Shin/신 ramyeon*, but I think it tastes like garbage and that the people who like it are also garbage. Yeul ramyeon is the king of spicy ramyeons and it costs like 80 cents at the convenience store (in Korea). It’s even cheaper at the grocery store. It’s spicier than Shin and Jin ramyeon without being as spicy as the Buldalk Bokkeum Myeon (불닭볶음면), which is so spicy that it is no longer enjoyable. I prefer the cup version so I can more easily adjust the spiciness and cook of the noodles (when I make it in a pot, it’s always soggy). My life partner will not approve, but I think this is my lunch today.

*I should note that for some reason, Korea has decided that its version of ramen is soooooo different from Japan’s that they need to spell and pronounce it differently.

Pablo Cheese Tart


The Gooey-est cheese cake out there is yet another proof that Japan is the best place to live. The Osaka based bakery is famous for their signature cheese tarts, among which the most outofyourworld awesome is definitely the rare cheese tart. Imagine when you cut the thing, a smooth flow of sweet smelling cheese gushes out gently. Their crust is also very good. Also it’s only 850 for a tart of blishheaven.  It’s big, like 15cm big big.  They also have matcha flavour which every rational human being would love. Also that yellow layer is jelly and it a little bit citrus-y which is a very nice touch to the tart.

They have English!