Moog Theremini

The Moog theremin is a classic for a good reason. Getting a good sound out of the thing is another issue. Even expert theremin players aren’t perfect. The point is, it’s a really hard instrument to play and most people can’t do more than make space sounds with it. That’s where the theremini comes in. It not only has a pitch correction function, it also let’s you adjust the range, the key, and the scale; there are even effects. It’s relatively cheap as well and I nearly picked one up while I was visiting home recently, but I made the smart choice and decided that I would probably not play it as much as I would like to.

However, at $299, it might have to happen. Get this awesome thing here.


Montreal Assembly: Count to 5

I got this pedal in the mail a year ago and I still haven’t figured it out completely. It’s easily the most innovative guitar pedal I’ve ever played with and it’s totally worth the price ($225+shipping). Make your guitar sound like birds or warped tape. Go to youtube to see what people are doing with it. I can’t even explain. Check out his page for information on orders and to see some of his other stuff. This video shows off some of the features really well:

Duesenberg Multibender

I love whiny, tear-in-my-beer country music. I’ve always wanted to learn the pedal steel, but they cost thousands of dollars and take years to master. However, if you can play the guitar, you can get pretty close. It’s quite expensive ($582), but you can attach it to your guitar and just go to town. It comes with 2 levers, but you can buy additional levers for your other strings if you want. Duesenberg also makes lap steel guitars with the multibender, but those are like more than $2,200, so buying just the bender is kind of a steal.

Buy this awesome thing

Electro-Harmonix Mel9

I am so very excited about this. This is the only thing I want (besides whatever it is that Montreal Assembly is cooking up). EHX released the B9, C9, and Key9, which all do a pretty good job at emulating various organs and electric pianos. However, mellotrons are special. Back in the day, they were keyboards that essentially played samples from reels of tape. You loaded up a cello tape bank, you pressed the C on the keyboard, and a recording of a cello playing a C note would come out. This pudgy British man can explain it to you. I’ve got mellotron samples on my computer, so maybe I don’t need this, but it sure is cool. If it’s anything like previous models in the “9” series, it will cost about $220.

littleBits Synth Kit

When the man of your dreams dreams about extremely expensive guitars, you know you have to get clever with gifts. If you can never be what he wants, you may as well settle with providing him what he needs… kind of. Get the Synth Kit and have a merry time building this cheap, fun synthesizer. Guarantee a good afternoon of laugh, happiness and occasional “the fuck is this”.

Also it’s good comeback since I always feel very stupid whenever he plays the guitar.

Mostly I just want to get my hands on those awesome parts…