DBPower Waterproof Camera

Apparently when people think of my life, they don’t think action camera.

However, this camera will change my life. It will make me so active, go to places, accomplish things because it’s fully waterproof and comes with a set of cases and clips for almost all the actions. With this camera, I can go swimming, cycling, rock climbing, bungee-jumping,  everything, while taking awesome video to put on youtube and be famous. It’s a good life! This camera is just a bit above $70.

If you want to be happy in life, buy me this.


Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 –

Remember the smart house that would turn on the A/C before you get home, the bed that tracked your sleep pattern and the sensors which adjust your house CO2 level? This won’t do any of that, but you can make the tiny LED blink when you get an email, or when the toilet is empty, or when the room is too hot, which is very impressive. Adafruit has a wide range of tips and tricks and tutorials, like this totally unrelated cat cosplayers photoshoot. So, make sure to check them out. Smartphone is so 2013, board the cool train to the future or get killed by Micrsoft’s latest bot, it’s very racist.

Help me to help you help me.

Raspberry Pi Gameboys

My fancy lady just purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 and is looking for fun projects. There are so many awesome Gameboy emulators that people have made. I’m a purist, so I’d want a Gameboy-shaped emulator to just play Gameboy games, but TechRadar has an awesome article about making a multi-platform emulator. There’s the Super Pi Boy, the Raspberry Pi2 Gameboy, the Super Game Pi, the RaspiBoy, and so many others. What are you waiting for, baby? Make us some cute Gameboys!


If you are a writer who gets easily distracted, this is the tool for you (as long as you are disciplined enough to filter out other distractions). It’s a dedicated e-ink typewriter. You can sync your work to the cloud. At $499, it’s not cheap, especially not for something with so many plastic components…it’s alarmingly expensive, but it’s cool and I guess there’s a market for that? Of course, if you can use something like ZenPen in conjunction with something like SelfControl, then I think I just saved you about $499.

If you still have too much money, you can just click here to buy it.

Impecca Bamboo Keyboard

Sure, there are some downsides. This thing will probably get dirty after a while, due to your disgusting, jam-covered fingers and poor hygiene…but for a brief while, this keyboard can be the aesthetic masterpiece that pulls your desk together. It’s kind of cheap as well! If you live in a humid place, I can’t say this would be a good idea.

Buy this awesome bamboo keyboard and see what happens!

AeroGarden Ultra LED

There are a few different models available, but this is one of the bigger ones. You can grow various herbs and vegetables year round. This model lets you grow 7 types of plants at the same time. The downside is that you have to buy the pre-packaged seed pods from Miracle-Gro. The upside is that it’s relatively cheap and the average lifespan of the plants is about 4 months (9 months for tomatoes and peppers). Like I said, there are models ranging from 50$ to hundreds of dollars. See this image to view the full range.

Buy this totally awesome thing!

littleBits Synth Kit

When the man of your dreams dreams about extremely expensive guitars, you know you have to get clever with gifts. If you can never be what he wants, you may as well settle with providing him what he needs… kind of. Get the Synth Kit and have a merry time building this cheap, fun synthesizer. Guarantee a good afternoon of laugh, happiness and occasional “the fuck is this”.

Also it’s good comeback since I always feel very stupid whenever he plays the guitar.

Mostly I just want to get my hands on those awesome parts…