Geometry Reflective Bag

product-image-683807686_1296xI am a sucker for things that glow strange lights, or anything that glows for that matter. Also I am on this perpetual quest to look for the best backpack which yield no results up until now. This is it, I thought, this is the one. It’s business during the day and party in the dark. Best comanion for a lowkey raver.


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It’s maybe not the future, but it’s pretty awesome. These sneakers give you haptic feedback so that you know which way to go. They connect to your smartphone and whatever map you’re using for directions. I guess they give you a little buzz in your left foot when you should turn left, etc. They were developed for tourism and are just in the development stage right now. Check out their site for more info as it becomes available.

Moog Theremini

The Moog theremin is a classic for a good reason. Getting a good sound out of the thing is another issue. Even expert theremin players aren’t perfect. The point is, it’s a really hard instrument to play and most people can’t do more than make space sounds with it. That’s where the theremini comes in. It not only has a pitch correction function, it also let’s you adjust the range, the key, and the scale; there are even effects. It’s relatively cheap as well and I nearly picked one up while I was visiting home recently, but I made the smart choice and decided that I would probably not play it as much as I would like to.

However, at $299, it might have to happen. Get this awesome thing here.

Montreal Assembly: Count to 5

I got this pedal in the mail a year ago and I still haven’t figured it out completely. It’s easily the most innovative guitar pedal I’ve ever played with and it’s totally worth the price ($225+shipping). Make your guitar sound like birds or warped tape. Go to youtube to see what people are doing with it. I can’t even explain. Check out his page for information on orders and to see some of his other stuff. This video shows off some of the features really well:

Coin Stealing Cat Bank

Remember the ultimate useless machine? Somebody has put it into good use. Meet the Cat Bank that would steal you coin, and keep it real safe for you. When you have a piggy bank this cute, you will end up saving a fortune, because honestly you want to take money from the poor cat??? What are you, some kind of monster? If cat is not your thing, they also have panda.

It’s cheaper here

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 –

Remember the smart house that would turn on the A/C before you get home, the bed that tracked your sleep pattern and the sensors which adjust your house CO2 level? This won’t do any of that, but you can make the tiny LED blink when you get an email, or when the toilet is empty, or when the room is too hot, which is very impressive. Adafruit has a wide range of tips and tricks and tutorials, like this totally unrelated cat cosplayers photoshoot. So, make sure to check them out. Smartphone is so 2013, board the cool train to the future or get killed by Micrsoft’s latest bot, it’s very racist.

Help me to help you help me.

Anova Sous Vide

I’ve always wanted to have a sous vide machine because it allows you to cook food to safe temperatures (while marinating) easily without losing moisture, but they’re ridiculously expensive. This thing takes up way less room than a conventional sous vide machine. You can use any pot you have lying around and you can control it from your phone. You can just put your meat in the thing, go out all day, start cooking while you’re out, and come home to a perfect steak in minutes. You need a vacuum sealer, of course, but after throwing it in a pan for a minute, you’re going to get the most perfect fish/steak/pork imaginable.

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Raspberry Pi Gameboys

My fancy lady just purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 and is looking for fun projects. There are so many awesome Gameboy emulators that people have made. I’m a purist, so I’d want a Gameboy-shaped emulator to just play Gameboy games, but TechRadar has an awesome article about making a multi-platform emulator. There’s the Super Pi Boy, the Raspberry Pi2 Gameboy, the Super Game Pi, the RaspiBoy, and so many others. What are you waiting for, baby? Make us some cute Gameboys!