This is not a thing, it is greater than a thing.

Ainoshima is the King’s Landing of cats. The whole island owned by a mysterious cat lady and none of it’s visitors has every returned…

Anyway it’s in Fukuoka and is like the best vacation getaway you could get.

Let’s go pet some cats!


Coin Stealing Cat Bank

Remember the ultimate useless machine? Somebody has put it into good use. Meet the Cat Bank that would steal you coin, and keep it real safe for you. When you have a piggy bank this cute, you will end up saving a fortune, because honestly you want to take money from the poor cat??? What are you, some kind of monster? If cat is not your thing, they also have panda.

It’s cheaper here


Click this for World Peace! You won’t believe what this woman has done, dermatologists hate her.

I have never been a big fan of carrying pets in a pouch, probably due to the great childhood trauma named Paris Hilton. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good entrepreneur and all but, what’s with the pink craze… That’s totally beside the point anyway. The story goes: we have gotten very close to getting an adorable Ragdoll cat, and there is but a tiny problem, my apartment doesn’t allow pets.  Anyway, we (I) got overexcited. While I was putting all these cat supplies in my cart on Amazon I found this adorable crossbody with a bubble-like window which would let your pet see the outer world at the comfort of a safe and warm haven. And the bag is super cute too. The price is a bit high but I am sure one of my kidney would suffice…

PS: why do they call it a series when the series has only one model?